Electrical works are best left to the experts as I would often say, however, knowing the basics of how it’s done is a wise move. Here’s what you need to know about electrical installations.

 Understanding the power source
Before you delve into complexities of electrical installation you have to know where the power source is from. To cut a very long and intricate process the power source of each household comes from the transformation provided by the electrical company. It courses through the linear lines that go to your electrical panel and distributed to your outlets.

 What is a meter device?
This is the device that is usually placed outside of houses and establishments for easy reading. This keeps track of your electrical consumption. It is directly connected to the power source.

 Electrical Panel
This is the electrical hub in each house or establishment. It monitors electrical activities and trips whenever it detects a problem. The capacity of each electrical panel determines how much electricity can be used. This is why if you have any house renovation or upgrade it is best to also upgrade your electrical panel.

 Wirings
The power is carried through wires that go through different parts of the house or establishment. If you look into the main circuit you will notice different colored wires. This is because they all represent different purposes. It is best to use thicker wires for safety. Over time these wires can get too hot which can lead to meltdown and sparks.

Electrical installation is not an easy task. Before starting any electrical works there must be an electrical layout and scope of work to determine the specifications. Materials to be used are also very important. Once all of these things are laid out and decided upon the task of laying conduits, installing main distribution board, installing switches and sockets, etc. can be started.