Hiring the right electrician for a commercial building may not be as easy as hiring a residential electrician. The electrical set-up for most commercial structure is more complicated that houses. This is why you can’t take any chances.

What should you look for in a commercial electrician?

Professional License. A commercial electrician must have a professional license to do the job.
They should have proof or certificate to prove they have the skills and training to do the job.
Experience in commercial set up. Commercial buildings and establishments have a more complicated electrical structure hence your electrician must be familiar with. He should have a good track record as well as previous clients and projects. Don’t be shy to ask for previous client recommendations.
Must be able to identify electrical codes. Again codes used for commercial and residential are different. Electrical wirings in both commercial and residential buildings are color-coded. A commercial electrician must know the difference between both and must be able to work on both types. Most commercial electricians have experience working on residential buildings before they started working on commercial building so they are quite flexible.
They must be able to lay the electrical plan. For commercial buildings, the electrician works on a blueprint to lay the conduits. However, a licensed commercial electrician can also make their own electrical plan or diagram.

Commercial electricians work with different hand tools and are also familiar with minor repairs however, it is best to have them focus on the electrical side of the task at hand. You must also require your electrician for a timeline in reference to the scope of work that needs to be done. After they have assessed the electrical problems, you can discuss the terms of payment and warranty of the repair.