Using all kinds of electrical appliances is part of people’s daily lives. With this, we often forget that there could be potential hazards when using these electricity-powered devices. Everyone in the house should be well-aware of the proper operation of these electronic devices and the dangers they might bring to them.

It is quite easy to be safe when using electrical appliances, light bulbs, power strips and the likes when we are properly oriented of the dos and don’ts.

Electrical safety tips should be learned by heart by everyone in the household because failure to remember these could be dangerous. It takes only one mistake and one little spark to cause an enormous fire. Prevention is always better than cure. So we have gathered here some important electrical safety tips.

1. Proper Operation of Electrical Appliances

– Firstly, we should make sure that all the appliances we purchase are approved by our consumer product safety commission. But even if we purchase trusted brands of appliances, we should still always be alert when using these.

– We should never operate anything powered by electricity with wet hands or

– Appliances which generate heat should be given adequate space for cooling.

2. Proper Handling of Power Strips and Cords

– Our homes are basically surrounded by cords, as every electronic device or appliance has cords attached to it. It is also crucial to handle these cords.

– We must check cords for any visible damage on a regular basis, preferably prior using these.

– We should not let cords to be loosely plugged into outlets.

– Tugging on the cord is not advisable when unplugging it from the power outlet.

3. Electrical Outlets

Unused electrical outlets must be properly covered. In potentially hazardous areas like your kitchen or your bathroom, ground fault circuit interrupter must be installed.

In general, the golden rule in operating electrical appliances and devices is to never use these with wet hands and/or feet. We should always keep our electronics away from water. It helps if we stay keen at all times with all our electrical appliances or devices.

Always watch out for potentially dangerous issues. We must be careful and always put safety first.