An electrical technician is often called a “handyman” for a number of reasons. They have all the experience and skills to do just any job given to them and more. What does it take to be one? Let’s find out.

Electrical technicians perform a wide variety of tasks, ranging from the installation of electrical wiring in new construction projects to the restoration of existing systems.

Aside from the principles and theories learned from class, there are certain skills necessary to perform well on electrical projects.

1. Problem Solving Skills

Most of what electrical technicians do is to diagnose problems and come up with practical and effective solutions. They need to have the ability to quickly spot a problem and determine the options available to fix them. They also to have a high level of understanding on the overall electrical problem to be able to investigate on ways to solve
the problem.

2. Mechanical Skills

An important component of being a good electrical technician is to have an innate sense of mechanics. An electrical technician should be confident in taking things apart to observe how they work and be able to put them back together after. Without this, all of his tasks could fail.

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3. Good Comprehension

When they transact or communicate with their clients, they need to understand the things the things should be done. If they don’t comprehend well, then it could lead to major confusion and complication later on. If they understand very well the task and the problem, then they can be able to come up with the best methods they should work on.

4. Customer Service Skills

Electrical technicians should know how to handle their clients as well.

They should be able to build a rapport with the customers. They need to be at least be able to reassure their customers that they can handle the job well.

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