While these professions are similar and basically has a background in electrical works commercial and industrial electricians are entirely different. That is to say in both the environment and the scope of work.

Let us first identify a commercial electrician and an industrial electrician.
Commercial electricians are those who work basically on commercial establishments like restaurants and retail stores. They ensure a safe and effective electrical system for such establishments to electrical problems. And in some cases repair or replace electrical wirings and conduits if necessary.

Industrial electricians, on the other hand, has a higher level of expertise. This is because they work in the highly complicated electrical system for industrial buildings for manufacturing and production industries. These buildings require a complex electrical system and high voltage requirements. This is why industrial electricians require more skills and experience.

Industrial electricians job is mainly to install electrical systems and maintain them. They mainly run tests and inspect facilities. They also work on circuit boards, install fixtures and outlets. In worst cases, they have to repair the entire electrical system if it breaks down.

Commercial electricians, on the other hand, work on a smaller scale electrical system for commercial establishments. While they both need to be licensed to perform these tasks, commercial electricians handle a less complicated system as compared to industrial buildings.

Commercial electricians work on a blueprint or create their own. They are responsible for the electrical system as specified or required by clients. It is through their creativity that designs of switches and outlets are made to become not just accessible but aesthetically appealing.

Basically, both electricians are experts in electrical systems. The only difference is the work environment they are in. And of course, industrial settings are not just highly complicated they are a lot riskier due to the electrical requirement of the facility.