Sometimes we think that doing things on our own is better than hiring a professional because its cheaper and/or has less hassle attached to it. But doing actual electrical work on your own is an entirely different ballpark from just changing a lightbulb in your living room. What’s worse is that your installations or repairs might look like they’re working as intended but over time these installations could overheat or loosen and become an electrical hazard or cause a house fire. If you do decide to do DIY electrical work you should be aware of the dangers that it presents to not only you, but to everything you own and also your family.


Shocking Accidents

This might come as a shock to you, quite literally at times, but making mistakes during electrical work can be very costly and not just to your wallet. Touching the wrong wire at the wrong time will get you electrocuted and it is very dangerous as the current going through that wire would be enough to cause your heart to stop. If you survive the accident then you could be at risk at losing some of your sense of sight, hearing and even suffer brain damage. 


Fire Hazards

Most electrical work is done not for convenience but to prevent short circuits and creating fire in the home . Sadly, fire and electricity come hand in hand when the job isn’t done by someone who is capable when it comes to electrical work. There will be hidden electrical connections that you as the homeowner might not even be aware of. This could lead to a fire happening in places you didn’t even work on as soon as you start up the power again.


Costly Repairs

If you did make mistakes during your DIY electrical work, then you’re going to have a hard time fixing it. You’re not only going to need to spend more money and time to fix those mistakes but you could end up worsening the mistakes even further. In the end you’re eventually just going to have to call in a professional to do the job. You’re most likely also going to need to pay them more since the damage could be more extensive than the problem you had in the first place.


Permits and Building Codes

As a DIY “electrical professional” getting a permit for your electrical work can be an arduous task and will take more time than just getting a real professional who has the experience and license to get one easily. Building codes are also an issue for you as the DIY “electrical professional” as your work could not be up to the required standards. If you ever need to sell your home, this could be a large issue as not following the correct building codes could lead to missing prospective buyers.  


As shown, there are a large number of dangers that doing your own electrical work can cause. Call a professional to do it instead and you’ll be sure that they did a good job following standard building codes and making sure that there will not be any hazards that will be a danger to you, your family or your home.