Question: When looking at something to be fixed in your home, do you call a handyman or an electrician? In this article, we’ll be discussing when it’s okay to call a handyman and when it’s time to call an electrician.

It is somehow tricky to decide who to ask for help in every repair situation at home. If it’s just a minor repair in your home, you can call in a handyman. But, if it’s an electrical work, would it still be alright to have it done by a handyman?

“The handyman can do it. He’s skilled enough to do it.” Or is he, really?


A handyman is a person skilled at a wide range of repairs, usually around the home.

Basically, a handyman does a lot of handiwork:

 Repair work

 Maintenance work

 Plumbing jobs

 Carpentry

 Other household repairs

A handyman can also be referred to as an unlicensed contractor. Many homeowners who are tight on budget opt for a handyman because it’s a more affordable option. A handyman gets the job done. However, a handyman doesn’t deal with permits pertaining to the project or repair work.

Also, if a handyman gets hurt while working in your property, you will be held accountable for him since he has no license nor insurance. By cutting down on cost in hiring a handyman, you’ll end up spending a fortune.

Registered Electrician

A registered electrician has all the knowledge and skills relating to any electrical issue in your home. They have proper training and all the necessary tools to get the job done. It’s safer to work with them as they know how to pull permits should there be any unforeseen issue later on.

Aside from getting a quality electrical job done, you can also get a warranty for it. So you’ll have a recourse if there will ever be an issue in the future.

Most importantly, when you a hire a registered electrician, you won’t have any liability when they get hurt in your property.

Now that you know the difference of hiring a registered electrician from using a handyman, you decide. Do you really save some bucks by using a handyman, or do you end up spending more? Feel free to ask us at JCP Electric if you’re still in doubt. Dial 520-808-3108. We’ll be glad to answer any of your queries.