For homeowners who haven’t had any major repair in their electrical systems in the past, deciding whether to call an electrician or not can be a tough one. But, unless your home was just recently built, it is likely that you need to have your electrical system checked for upgrades or repairs.

The demand for power has increased rapidly in the more recent years as newer technologies emerge. If yours is an old home, you may want to consult with a reputable contractor to check if your electrical system can still suffice for today’s increasing electrical demands.

Generally, here are some of the electrical repairs which require trained and skilled electricians.

 Replacement and Installation of Electrical Outlets

 Circuit Breaker Wiring and Installation

 Repair and Replacement of Light Fixture

 Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair

 Outdoor Lighting Installation

 Electrical Upgrades

To guide you, we have here the most common signs telling you that it’s time to find an
electrician for your home.

1. Your circuit breakers have been tripping quite often.

If you notice that your fuses have been blowing more frequently than they should be, you should call an electrician immediately. For your circuit breakers to trip that often, your circuits must be drawing more electrical current than your system is designed for.

2. The lights flicker or dim when additional electrical load comes on.

Have you ever experienced flickering or dimming of lights when plugging your hair blow dryer? Motor-driven appliances draw huge amounts of current and should be plugged in dedicated circuits. If even small appliances cause the light to dim or to flicker, then you should be finding an electrician to inspect and upgrade your electrical circuits.

3. Your electrical panel is deteriorating.

If rust is taking over your electrical panel, then something is definitely wrong.

Your home’s electrical panel is your access to the main wiring connections of your home so you should have your electrical panel upgraded when you see signs of damage.