Saving electricity at the office is often overlooked. However, we should not forget that
whatever we do anywhere, may it be in our homes or in our workplace, would greatly
affect the environment. All of us play significant roles in taking care of the environment.

Improving a few of our office habits could positively affect the environment. This article
will cite electric efficiency solutions that we can implement at the office to conserve
electricity. These measures can lower the electricity bills and can reduce the excessive
usage of power plants and thus, pollution as well. Below are some few tips to conserve
electricity at the office.

1. Manage the heating and cooling in your office.

Whether heating or cooling the office, one good energy saving technique is by
readjusting our heating or cooling. During the winter, even by reducing the
temperature a few degrees lower from the usual setting may save up to 10 % of
the power usage. Furthermore, setting your air-conditioner a few degrees higher
than the usual during the warmer months can reduce the power usage from 10%
to 12%. We may also avoid wastage and conserve resources just by shutting the

2. Turn off everything that is not in use.

When you go home, make sure the lights are turned off. We might as well avoid
light usage during daytime. Also, we should avoid leaving our computers on at
the office all through the night. Setting them on sleep or standby mode also helps
reduce power consumption. Make it a habit to cross check if all inactive devices
are completely turned off and unplugged.

3. All office machines should be well-maintained and energy efficient.

Maintaining efficient heating and cooling systems is a good investment for the
office. It is favorable if the budget approves of purchasing higher energy
efficiency office machines because these use less energy.

4. Be responsible in using the kitchen

Most offices have pantry and kitchens with microwave ovens, refrigerators,
coffee makers, and even stoves. Everyone should be guided accordingly in how
to use these kitchen appliances efficiently.

5. Everyone should take part in the effort to save energy.

In order to establish an energy-efficient workplace, everyone should be on board
in aiming to reduce the power usage in the office. If not, all individual efforts
would be put to waste.