You have an electrical installation coming up. How do you plan ahead? Read on and get to know the must-dos when completing an electrical installation.

There can be some people who try to perform electrical installation without realizing that the job is for professionals. This could seriously risk a dangerous situation at home. Completing electrical installation is something professional electricians do. They have the license and insurance to do so.

At JCP Electric, we gladly share to our clients our license and insurance details because we want our clients to be confident with working with us. We also reassure clients that we hire only the most qualified and trustworthy electricians to work on any project given to us.

To guide you, here is a short rundown of the things you may need to do before an electrical installation.

1. Reach out as soon as possible and communicate frequently.

If you have a target date of completion, then contact us as early as possible. In this way we can also plan ahead. It is also important to stay connected to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the project.

2. It may be necessary to obtain permits prior the installation. Depending on
the job, it may be needed to carry out an inspection as well.

We will be able to guide you through the processes involved to begin and complete the installation. We can also help out with any paperwork and provide you with the summary of fees for the inspection and permits.

3. Take time to plan to ensure that the installation will be smooth and safe.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has certain standards that should be met in every electrical installation. You will need to verify with your electrician the electrical plan and everything compliant to the IEC standards and to the requirements of the local government.

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4. Get help from the general contractor.

If you are completing an extensive remodel or upgrade, then there are other contractors who are involved. A general contractor oversees everything. You can ask help from them.

5. Discuss about the budget and the other options.

Budget is always important. If there are restraints in the budget, then you may want to discuss other options you have. We will be willing to explore beyond for options that can help you stay within your budget.