Your home should be the safest place for you and your family. To ensure maximum protection within the home, responsible homeowners conduct regular household maintenance. Fire can be one of the most devastating accidents we need to avoid.

There are various preventative measures that need to be carried out in your home for it to be safe from fire accidents. With the help of highly skilled electricians from JCP Electric, you can ensure the safety of your home from fire. We have put together some ways you can fireproof your home.

Installation of smoke alarms

One good gesture in protecting your home is by installing smoke detectors. These are fire-protection devices which will automatically detect and warn you when smoke is present. You need to remember however, that these smoke alarms can only save lives when they are properly installed and maintained. It’s necessary to perform regular testing and cleaning to ensure that your smoke alarms are working the way they should.

Replacement of faulty electrical outlets

One of the major causes of electrical fires are faulty electrical outlets. Be mindful of the maximum load a plug can accommodate. Overloading in plugs increases the risk of electrical fire. In some cases, faults in the electrical appliance cords and switches start fires. Old appliances with damaged cords should never be used. Call in an electrician to perform regular inspection to ensure that all your electrical outlets are in good shape.

Electrical Cabling Inspection

If there are pests like mice and rats present inside or outside your home, your electrical wirings are at risk. When mice chew through wires, your electrical system can get damaged and worse, cause electrical fire. By calling in a professional electrician, you can mitigate the risk of fire as they can thoroughly check your home’s electrical system.

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