The number of fatalities and injuries caused by electric hazards increase throughout the year. Most of the victims of these electric hazards are children who are not closely supervised.

To avoid this, we should identify the electric dangers we can find in our homes. It is ideal if we consult with highly skilled and credible electricians to check our homes. Who knows? This could actually save our lives.

Gathered here are five of the most electrical hazards you can find at home.

1. Faulty Wiring

As we all know, one of the most common reasons of fire is faulty wiring. Although electrical wiring seems to be easy for some, it is not advisable to do it by our own especially if we’re doing it for the first time. We need to call in a qualified electrician to check the wirings of our homes regularly.

There are a number of issues with wires to watch out:

– We should always have our loose connections with electrical outlets and switches fixed.

– Cracked, pierced, damaged electrical wires should always be replaced.

– Wires that are heavily covered are more prone to overheat thus, electrical fire.

– Extension cables should not permanently used as additional power outlet. Plugging in too many appliances into one extension cables at once is also dangerous.

2. Improper Placing of Electrical Outlets

We should highly consider where we place electrical outlets in our homes. They should be placed nowhere near water, as water conducts electricity posing potential threats to electric shock. We should never use electric devices anywhere near water.

3. Putting out Electrical Fires with Water

The one thing we should remember in putting out fires is to identify first where the fire is coming from. If it happens that it is an electrical fire, extinguishing it with water is the worst thing you could do. If you are worried, you may have a fire extinguisher nearby. In the event that there are no extinguishers around, keep in mind to cut off the electrical power at once, evacuate and call the fire department.

4. Failure to Supervise Kids

The youngsters can be difficult to supervise. As adults, we should expect the worst things to happen for safety purposes. Extra measures should be taken so as to prevent our children to be harmed. Keep everything dangerous out of reach from the kids.

5. Lightbulbs

We may not see lightbulbs as threats but we should be aware that they also cause fire. Keep away the flammable materials from the lightbulbs to avoid fire. When replacing lightbulbs, make sure that they are switched off first to be safe from electric shock.