Setting up a good landscape lighting is not as easy as it looks like. Sure, it’s easy to recognize and spot good lighting. You just need to make sure that the house looks warm and welcoming when the sun goes down. Make sure there are no dark shadows and everything is well lit – from entrance area to your garden path. It may sound easy and simple to plan, but make sure you won’t miss out on these essentials when planning for your landscape lighting:

  1. Safety

When you’re dealing with anything electric, safety should always be the first thing that you consider. Make sure that you have well-lit entrances and paths to prevent falls, slips, and accidents at night. If you have outdoor stairs, make sure they are also well lit as they are a common cause of injury.

Here are some ways to light your stairs:

  • Under tread lights
  • Step lights mounted on a post or railings
  • Flexible LED strip lighting
  • Standalone post lights
  1. Energy Consumption

Anyone can easily get carried away with decorating their landscape. You need to consider the energy consumption of your landscape lighting, so you won’t be surprised with sky rocketing electric bill.

Invest on LED bulbs and fixtures. The amount of money you will save is just incredible. One LED bulb has an average cost of $1.00, which is about 300% lower than a regular incandescent bulb which costs $4.80 every year on an average.  Multiply that savings to the number of bulbs in your home and you can imagine how much you can save every year!

  1. Security

In some areas, safety and security are used interchangeably. But for landscape lighting, the goals are broader when it comes to security.

A good example is setting up motion sensors to turn on the lights when someone approach your lawn. This includes animals that can destroy your garden, and other people that may enter your property.

You can also use timers to turn landscape lights on and off on a schedule. Keep in mind though that having a regular and consistent schedule when you’re not around may not be the best form of security as most criminals observe a house before going in.

The good thing is, there are some applications that can allow you to manage your lights while you’re away.