One of the most frequent questions our clients at JCP Electric ask our electricians is how they can effectively save energy. Gladly, there are many ways to save energy at home.

If you value saving energy, you are actually looking after the conservation of natural resources; therefore, you are also helping in saving the planet. Moreover, lower consumption of energy means lower energy bills as well. If you want to have your household checked to save energy, you can get help from our certified electricians.

Here are the top energy saving tips as recommended by our highly-qualified electricians.

Invest in energy-saving lighting and appliances

Appliances nowadays usually come with an energy-saver function or mode. If you own an older model however, you can try altering the setup of your appliances to cut down on energy consumption. Say for example, you can set your refrigerator to higher temperature just enough to make your food stay chilled or frozen.

There are LEDs and CFLs to choose from. Consider having these as replacement bulbs. Incandescent light consume more energy to dissipate as heat not as light.

LED or Fluorescent? Here’s what a JCP electrician says.

Consider your heating and cooling systems

To cut down on energy consumption, try setting your heating or cooling system to a fixed range of temperature even when the season changes. Avoid overheating or overcooling your home and refrain from changing your thermostat too often.

You may want to change your air filters to help your systems.

Don’t leave your electrical devices on stand-by mode.

If you are not using an electrical device, you might as well turn it off completely and unplug it.

Try limiting the frequency of washing your laundry.

One practical way is to wait to have a full load before you do the laundry. This will significantly lower your electricity bills.

In general, avoid the routines that can be wasteful on electricity. Make sure you only use electrical products that save on energy. Give it a try and see for yourself the big difference in your utility bills. For more questions, get in touch with us at JCP Electric at 520-803-3108.