It is the time of the year again when everyone in the neighborhood becomes all out on decorating their homes
with bright and colorful lights. It has been tradition for many families to set up Christmas lights in your home can
make the holidays more festive.

But no matter how joyous this season can be with all the Christmas decorations, you still must be mindful of
electrical safety above all else.

Electrical fires caused by decorative lighting costs property damage, injuries and even casualties.

Let’s keep our Christmas and Holiday Season merry by keeping our homes safe. We at JCP Electric want you to
have the most wonderful time of the year so we have here some safety tips to guide you.

1. When buying Christmas lights, make sure you buy the top-quality ones.

All your lights should be certified safe for indoor or outdoor display. Epoxy-lensed LED lights can be a
good option as these are cooler to touch and more durable than the glass lensed ones.

2. Check all your lights for exposed wires or any damages before you hang them.

It is better to check your lights before hanging and lighting them up.

3. When hanging decorative lights, make sure they are fastened tight.

There can be many dangers associated with lights falling. To prevent these dangers, you can check the
fastenings or better yet, you can avoid hanging these lights over anything that can cause fire.

4. An artificial and fire-resistant tree can be a safer choice.

If you have a real one, make sure it is placed away from heat sources.

5. Before going to bed, make sure to turn off all your Christmas lights.

To prevent fire accidents, you should always turn off all your lights when going to bed or when you leave

6. Don’t overuse power strips.

If you are using power strips or extension cords for all your Christmas lights, always see to it that you don’t
overload to reduce the risk of problems with overheating.

If you’re still concerned about your home’s safety this Christmas, feel free to get in touch with us at JCP Electric
anytime. We’ll be glad to be of service in any way we can.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!