Electrical Wiring Tucson


Do you need electrical wiring or re-wiring in your Tucson area home or commercial building? Don’t make the mistake of believing a YouTube video can really teach you everything you need to know. There are plenty of DIY fixes that the average handyman can successfully accomplish solo, but electrical wiring is a little more complicated. A mistake can burn the house down, or even electrocute you.

That’s why you should call JCP Electric. Our certified and experienced electricians can wire or rewire your home without putting anything or anyone at risk. We serve homes all over Tucson and the greater Southern Arizona area. Call us before you attempt to do it yourself – you’ll be glad you did.


What Kind of Electrical Wiring and Rewiring Services Do You Offer?

JCP Electric offers a whole host of electrical wiring and rewiring services to customers in the Tucson area. If you don’t see your project listed, just contact us. It’s likely we’ll be able to give you exactly what you need.


Entrance Cables and Meter Sockets

It makes sense to assume that the power company should be fully responsible for your hookup. Believe it or not, they’re only responsible for providing the juice to power your home. Meter sockets and service entrance cables are your responsibility as a homeowner. If you need them fixed, upgraded, replaced, or maintained, the power company won’t come out to help. We always will.


Upgrading Service Panels and Fuse Boxes

Old service panels and fuse boxes can be very dangerous. Any signs of rust or corrosion may indicate that something is wrong. Fuses that often blow are a sign that you’re in need of a full replacement. Don’t let a fire hazard linger where your family sleeps. Upgrade your service panel or fuse box the moment they show significant signs of wear.


Knob and Tube or Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Knob and tube wiring is an inferior wiring method that was never truly safe to begin with. It’s no longer considered up to code, because it puts an entire home in jeopardy. The same goes for aluminum wiring. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, homes were equipped with aluminum wiring to save money when copper became expensive. Homeowners will ultimately pay for these cheap shortcuts if and when something goes wrong. Let us replace old, hazardous wiring materials and techniques.

Outlets, Dimmers, and Switches

Every old house has a few switches or dimmers that no longer work. Many old houses don’t have enough outlets – they were built before technology powered our lives. Whether you have old switches, outlets, or dimmers that don’t work, or you need a few more put in to power new features in your home, we’ve got you covered.

GFCI Protection

Ground fault interrupt circuits (GFCIs) keep your home safe. They’re the first line of defense between your home and an electrical fire, or you and an electric shock. GFCIs are designed to detect major electrical problems, like power surges or any sort of mis-transmission. They will then stop the power, cutting it off before it can do any damage that can ruin your electronics, blow your lightbulbs, shock you, or damage your home. GFCIs are vital, and JCP Electric can come out and install them for you.

Wiring for New Appliances

When you buy a new appliance, like a smart refrigerator, a hot tub, or a high efficiency washing machine, the salespeople make everything sound so easy. That’s because it’s only their job to get your purchase paid for, send you out the door, and have the appliance delivered. The reality of the matter is that new electrical wiring is often essential – especially if the previous wiring was used to power a much older, outdated appliance. After you buy a shiny new appliance, give us a call. We can set you up with the right wiring to make that appliance work properly. Don’t overtax old wires with a new machine.

Full Electrical Remodeling

When you’re totally renovating a space or building an addition to your home, you’ll need some electrical remodeling. A kitchen that has been completely changed from the ground up will need its wiring completely changed to accommodate the new look. When all is said and done, you don’t really want to have to plug your toaster in behind the sink. That’s where we come in. Additions to your home will need new wiring from the ground up. Tell us what you want and where you want it – we’ll make it happen.

Call JCP Electric Today

JCP Electric is here for all your electrical wiring needs. We’re available round the clock for all Tucson property owners. If you need your fuse box replaced in the middle of the night, we’re only a phone call away. If you’re planning a big project, count us in. We’re always ready to discuss details about your remodel, addition, or the new appliances you’re upgrading to.