Electrical Remodeling Tucson


If you’re remodeling any part of your Tucson area home or building, you’ll likely need some electrical remodeling done as well. New features require new wiring. It’s hard to set up a game room, a home theater, or a kitchen fit for a chef if the wiring you have simply won’t accommodate it. Our experienced, certified electricians are here to do all the technical stuff so you can enjoy the fun stuff – spending time in your new and improved space with your family and friends.

Lighting Additions

Lighting additions are among the most common electrical remodeling projects. LED recessed lighting, automated lighting with remote, smartphone, or tablet controls, and adding advanced controls to simple lighting features will make a world of difference in your home. Both indoor and outdoor features can be installed and fitted with these controls, allowing you to change the brightness and even the hue of your lighting. The right mood lighting can transform a space even more than a few new coats of paint. We’ll upgrade you to something vibrant, versatile, and fully customizable.

Installing New Appliances

Chances are that you aren’t looking to remodel your entire kitchen around a decades old refrigerator that you intend to leave in the same place. Newer appliances with advanced features will often require better wiring in a better location. Wouldn’t it be great to plug your blender or your toaster in on that new kitchen island, helping you to save counter space and prepare a quick and healthy breakfast for your family?

Tidying Up a Space

Cords and cables often get out of control quickly. Every new TV or gaming console you bring some requires some type of electricity to work. By the time you’re done plugging in to play, there’s a tangled mess of wires and adapters from one side of the room to the other. Sure, there are cable tidying accessories, but they never really fix the problem. This leaves homeowners scrambling for creative solutions to hide the mess of cables around their computers or TVs.

That’s where we come in. Some clever electrical remodeling in a room where cables are on display like Christmas lights can keep things neat and tidy. You’ll no longer need to worry about tripping over extension cords, finding places for cable clips, or cleverly placing throw rugs to make the room look clean.

Additions to Your Home

Whenever you build an addition to your home, you’re going to need an qualified, certified electrician to help power that addition. Adding a guest bedroom, converting a garage, or even building a greenhouse will require new wiring, switches, and outlets. Getting an electrician to work with you from the beginning can help you strategically plan your addition. You’ll be able to start with things like advanced lighting or smarthome features, rather than having to upgrade after the job is already done. It will save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Replacing Old Wiring

If your home still has aluminum wiring, or worse, knot and tube wiring, it all needs to be replaced. It doesn’t matter if everything currently seems to be working as it should. Aluminum wiring and knob and tube wiring were never the safest of options – builders used these back before the risks of electrical fire were fully understood. Since our dependence on electricity has only grown with the advent of new technology, these decades old systems are already pushed well past their limits.

Wiring that was already a fire hazard is even more dangerous now due to age, wear and tear, and a higher demand. If you have antiquated wiring in your home, give us a call immediately to begin a full electrical remodel with newer, safer wiring techniques and materials.

Obtaining Proper Permits

A lot of electrical remodeling projects will require proper permits. Many homeowners don’t know how to navigate that process, and they assume whatever modifications they make will be fine in the long run. If you ever decide to sell your house or take out an equity line of credit, an appraiser, inspector, or real estate agent is going to have a look around. If they notice that something was done improperly or illegally, it’s going to wind up costing you a fortune.

Our experienced electricians know the right way to do things. We can help homeowners with electrical remodeling projects by advising them on the proper permits before any work begins. Great electrical remodeling can add a substantial amount of value to a home, so doing things the right way will always pay off in the long run.

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