If you know or have a feeling that an electric panel replacement is in your near future, you’re probably curious what you’re getting yourself into. It’s certainly a little more complicated and costly than replacing a doorknob or getting a new microwave. It’s also a lot more crucial for the safety of your home than either of those things. The short answer is that costs can vary significantly. The long answer will give you a ballpark.

Understanding the Amps

There are three standard levels of amperage. Almost everyone will need the same one. Understanding amps is very important if you need your electrical panel replaced or upgraded in an older Arizona home.

100 Amps

We will not replace or install 100 amp electrical panels because they aren’t safe. You can’t run an air conditioner and your home appliances simultaneously on a 100 amp panel. These are common in very old homes that were built long before anyone knew what technology would do to our lifestyles. Instead of replacing a 100 amp panel, we’ll upgrade you to a safer 200 amp panel.

200 Amps

Old electrical panels need to be upgraded to 200 amp electrical panels. We can also replace damaged or improperly configured 200 amp panels. If you have aerial wiring, you’ll be able to keep it with a 200 amp panel. If your neighborhood or homeowner’s association does not allow for aerial wiring, no worries. We can safely secure the wiring underground.

400 Amps

You more than likely do not need a 400 amp electrical panel. These are very rarely used in residential areas. They’re only necessary in standard sized homes under extraordinary circumstances. For example, if you have a very large hydroponic indoor garden, a hot tub, and a pool with jets, you might want a 400 amp panel. If you live in a home that most people would consider to be a mansion, a 400 amp panel may be necessary.

If you need an electrical panel replaced or upgraded in an industrial unit that utilizes a lot of tools or high draw appliances, like a restaurant, an autobody repair shop, a small to medium sized medical facility, or a tanning salon, you’re probably looking for 400 amp panel service.

What Will It Cost?

The cost to replace an electrical panel will widely vary. We can only give you rough estimates until we visit the property and assess the situation. Replacing the panel is a home is significantly less expensive than replacing an industrial or commercial panel because the electrical requirements are vastly different.

Replacing a 200 Amp Panel

The cost for residential 200 amp electrical panel installation or replacement can vary significantly. There are a lot of factors at play. It all depends on whether you have or need aerial wiring, or have or need underground wiring. The starting cost is $1,800. The average quote is somewhere around $2,500. This does not mean your cost of installation will be $2,500 – it could be more or less.

We pride ourselves on staying true to our quotes. Rather than give you an estimate based on information, we’d love to send a technician out to put together an accurate quote. We understand that most Arizona families are on a budget. You will always know the price before we start. You’ll never encounter hidden charges or fees. Let our technicians inspect the situation so we can tell you with certainty how much it’s going to cost.

We also price competitively, give homeowners a 12 month warranty on labor and materials, and exclusively use highly qualified contractors. Every electrician who works through JCP Electric is required to have a flawless driving record and at least five years of residential electrical experience. We know that homeowners need peace of mind when they’re making an investment in the safety of their home, and we’re dedicated to providing it.

Replacing 400 Amp Panels

Upgrading to a 400 amp panel starts at $4,500. If the infrastructure is only designed to support a 200 amp panel, there’s a lot of work to be done. If you currently have aerial wiring, this will need to be changed. A new trench and pipe will need to be laid to deliver high amperage, as it’s impossible to run aerially. The electrical company will need to be present for most of this process, and they will need to inspect and approve the installation.

JCP Electric is staffed with extensively experienced commercial and industrial electricians who are thoroughly qualified to install 400 amp panel upgrades. Commercial and industrial installations come with the same warranties and protections as residential electrical installations. We aim to provide the highest quality possible to service for every type of customer we assist.

Do You Need a Replacement?

JCP Electric is always here for you. Our licensed, certified, and bonded electricians can successfully complete any electrical job to the highest possible safety standards. Don’t attempt to replace your panel yourself. We’re here day or night to keep your lights on safely.