Our household consists mostly of electrical systems—from wiring, appliances, to heating and cooling systems, we are highly dependent on electricity. Because of this, almost every one of us will be encountering different electrical problems.

When facing electrical problems at home, how do we know that we can respond to them on our own without causing damages? When is the time to call a professional electrician?

Jot down notes for these common household electrical problems that should be addressed by a professional.

  1. Very High Electricity Bills

As the homeowner, you can understand the amount reflected in your bills but if they become unbelievably high, you can ask for an assessment from an electrician. There are a lot of factors to be checked. In this way, the real culprit can be identified.

  1. Dimming and Flickering Lights

When we encounter flickering lights, it is normal to assume that the issue lies within the bulb. We then try to perform a quick fix by replacing the bulb. However, if the lights continue on flickering, poor wiring or a faulty fixture can be the problem.

Although this might seem easy to fix, you must call in a professional for proper inspection. You may be overlooking a major issue here that can cause more troubles in the future.

  1. Tripping Circuit Breaker

It is alarming if you notice that your circuit breaker keeps on tripping. In this case, you should monitor and take note of the time and nature of the tripping.

It would be better if you consult a professional. This is common with old homes that are not electrically capable to provide high wattage to some appliances.

  1. Weird ‘Electrical’ Smell.

Whenever you smell something strange coming from a power source or a switch, it is recommended to unplug or stop using it instantly. The odor can be caused by arcing and can lead to an electrical fire.