We are highly dependent on electricity to power almost everything in our homes. From
heating our cup of coffee, to powering the air-conditioner, we use electricity. And as we
consume more electricity to power our homes, our electricity bills rise. Aside from
increased electric bills, high electricity consumption is also not eco-friendly.

There are a lot of ways for our homes to be energy efficient. Employing energy-saving
techniques and products can help lower your electric bills allowing us save money and

We have gathered here five very useful and creative strategies to help reduce your home’s energy consumption.

1. Make a habit of turning off and unplugging electronic devices when not in

Some of us get really preoccupied and forget to turn off appliances even when
we’re not actively using these. We should see to it that these appliances are
turned off. Also, even when turned off, these gadgets and appliances gobble up
energy. So it is high time to make it a habit to unplug unused electronics to
minimize energy consumption.

2. Use a power strip.

Although it is clever to turn off and unplug devices when unused, some devices
may not able lend themselves to the constant plug and unplug. For this instance,
we may use a power strip. A power strip enables us to plug multiple devices into
one block. They have many variants. Some have energy-saving features that are
able to detect when devices are in standby mode.

3. Hang thick curtains.

Cooling or heating your home can be so expensive. One practical way to help
insulate your home is by hanging thick curtains. You may also use external
shadings to keep the heat waves off your windows.

4. Rearrange your home furniture for better air circulation.

Make sure that your furniture are placed away from the heating vents. In this
way, you will have good ventilation. If your room has very limited space, try
moving your bed a few inches from the wall.

5. Invest in replacing energy inefficient electronic devices

Replacing old appliances and electronics may account as a huge investment
but in the long run, it will save you a lot. Newer technologies today aim for
higher energy efficiency ratings that would benefit both the consumers and the
environment, as well.

By committing to be more aware about your household energy consumption, you help
not just the environment but your finances, too.