One effective way to cut down energy costs is by having ceiling fans around your home to stay cool. After all, airconditioning bills can cost a lot. Ceiling fan installation can be a DIY project provided that you are confident with the task. For most cases, it could only take a few simple steps.

Follow this guide to familiarize with the steps to allow you to install a ceiling fan more easily.

First, things first, you will be needing to prepare the necessary materials for the ceiling fan installation:

 Ladder

 Screw Driver

 Tester

 Adjustable Hanger Bar

 Safety gear such as gloves and glasses.

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These are the steps to be taken when installing a ceiling fan.

1. Make sure that the power is turned off. You may turn off the power for the whole house to be safe.

2. Climb up a steady ladder and remove the existing fixture.

3. Check first with a tester if all the wires are dead. Label each wire for easier installation later.

4. Install the adjustable hanger bar found in the ceiling fan kit by following the manufacturer’s instructions. You will have to push the bar through the hole in the ceiling and extending the bar until the sharp pins on each end attach to the ceiling joists.

5. Attach the electrical box to the hanger bar and make sure it is steadily in place.

6. Install the mounting plate to the electrical box.

7. Unbox and assemble the other fan components on the ground. Follow the detailed instruction from the manufacturer. Note that the fan motor and housing are first to be mounted on the ceiling before you can attach the blades.

8. With a helper, raise the fan up to the ceiling. Carefully attach the wires.

9. Attach the fan with the screws included in the ceiling fan kit. Install the fan blades and lighting kit.

10. Switch the circuit breaker on and test the lights first followed by the fan blades.