It’s always important to practice electric safety at home, especially when you have little children running around. As a parent and a responsible adult, it’s your job to make sure that your house is free from any electrical accidents.

Here are some house rules that you should implement to ensure your safety:

#1: Do not plug a lot of electronics in one single outlet or extension cord

Plugging too many electronics in one outlet can lead to electrical overload. When that happens, the electrical system in your house can be damaged or even worse, can cause a fire. You can prevent that from happening by avoiding to use too many extension cords in one single outlet.

#2: Tuck away your electronic cords neatly and nicely

When you have children, the least you want is for them tripping over tangled wires!  Same if you have pets – you don’t want them to be electrocuted when they decided to chew on your electrical wires. Stop that from happening and make sure you tuck your cords nicely and out of children or pet’s reach.

#3: Don’t yank electric cords

Want to unplug your cords? Get up and unplug it nicely. Don’t yank it and wait for it to be unplugged.

#4: Put safety caps on unused electrical outlets

Safety caps don’t only act as protections but can also help you in saving energy by stopping cold drafts.

#5: Never place any outlet or plug near water

Most electrical accidents at home are caused by putting outlets or plugs near water. Teach your children not to play with water especially when they are near a plug, an outlet, or any other electrical gadget or appliance.

#6: Don’t let your kids plug their gadgets into an outlet

Plugging an electrical cord or charging gadgets seems to be a simple task for your children. That is not really a good practice. You should be the one responsible for plugging and unplugging any electrical gadget or appliance. This will reduce the risk of electrical accidents at home.