We understand how hard it is to put our trust in people, especially ones that we barely know; more so, putting our trust and safety in someone else’s hands. This is why, finding an electrician can be very difficult to do. However, there are several ways you can confirm if your electrician is a bonafide professional or not – and here are some of them.

  1. Check the Credentials

    One sure way to confirm if an electrician is legit or not is by asking to see his/her license. Needless to say, a professional will have no problem showing you his/her license. But if your electrician is hesitant to show this to you, this raises a major red flag. Having a license as an electrician is important, and you should never hire someone who isn’t. Electrical systems are tricky to deal with. Put your trust only on license electricians to ensure everyone’s safety. 
  2. Ask for References

    Don’t hesitate to ask for references before hiring an electrician. Having a list of this is essential for any individual who has their own business. It goes without saying that a professional electrician should always have a list of references ready. Don’t ever feel bad to ask this from your electrician. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that the person you’re hiring is qualified for the job and has had prior experiences. 
  3. Review Proof for Insurance

    One of the necessities for professionals in this industry is having a liability insurance. This ensures that the person you’re hiring is covered in the event that he/she gets hurt. And while anybody can claim that they are insured, it’d be wise if you’d take the time to ask for an actual proof. 
  4. Pay Attention To Referrals

    Pay attention to good electricians that people suggest. If someone close to you says that an electrician is a good one, you should consider heeding his/her referral. People don’t just make up good things about electricians. If one does testify for the electrician you’re hiring, chances are he/she has built a good reputation among his past clients. 
  5. Always Ask Estimates From More Than One Electrician

    To ensure that you are not getting taken advantage of, it’s a good idea to take estimates from 3 to 4 different electricians. You’ll find that, by doing so, not only will you find out if an electrician is charging you too much, but also get a chance to find rates that fit your budget. 
  6. Check for Warranty Offers

    For larger and more crucial electrical jobs, you should opt for an electrician who offers a warranty with his/her services. In a way, this can guarantee that your electrician is confident with his skills and qualifications to offer such. However, be careful of warranty offers without written documents to support it. In the long run, you will need this as proof that you and your electrician agreed upon warranty services.