Electricity is a necessity in day to day life in the modern age. However, with modern relief comes modern problems. Electricity can be a hazard when not handled properly so it is best to be aware of a potential problem in the future to prevent accidents with electricity. If you aren’t sure of what qualifies as faulty wiring then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll be discussing what to watch out for in order to keep your home or business safe from the hazards of having faulty wiring.

Faulty Wiring You Should Look Out For

Faulty wiring is the cause of many electricity related accidents. These can cause fires and cases of electrocution so it is important to spot these as soon as possible. Faulty wiring isn’t just limited to exposed wires despite being the most commonly associated problem to faulty wiring. There are a fair number of other hazards that can be classified as faulty wiring

Exposed or Damaged Wires

Damaged and/or exposed wires are considered one of the most common problems in wiring. The wires can cause fires and electrocute anything that touches them without protection. These wires should be immediately replaced or repaired to prevent any accidents from occurring. 

Extension Cords

Extension cords are used by everyone to extend the reach of a socket. Power strips are hazardous if they trail across the room. It just takes one misstep to trip over one. Accidentally tripping on one can also cause the appliances attached to it to fall over and break or even fall on top of you.

Power Strips

Power strips are used to be able to plug in more devices into one socket. They also doubling as extension cords. However, plugging in too many devices into one can overload the circuit and break all your devices. It will also shock anyone holding the devices when it discharges. Try to limit the number of devices that you plug into a single strip and make sure to unplug it after using it as it can be a tripping hazard. 

Using power strips with circuit breakers can help with the discharges as well. These types of power strips will trip if it overloads or overheats which can prevent electrical fires and electrocuting people holding either the strips or attached devices.

Covered Wires

Covered wires might not look like a hazard, but they can cause a lot of problems in the long run. They can overheat and set whatever is covering them on fire.  Covered wires can be hard to pinpoint as a problem because you wouldn’t even know they were damaged in the first place

Outlets and Connections Near Water

We don’t have to tell you twice that having water near any electrical devices is a recipe for disaster. Water will short out any electrical device that it comes into contact with. It will end up overloading the rest of your circuit if it gets out of hand so it’s best to ensure that all your wires, cords and devices are nowhere near water. Check for leaks before installing or plugging in any electrical device. 

You should always be ready to fix faulty wiring as the number of problems they can cause later down the line can be both expensive and dangerous. JCP Electric is always ready to give you a hand in any rewiring of your system and repairing any faulty wiring you may have. Contact us today!