Recessed lights can definitely create a unique vibe and ambiance to any modern home. However, light installation of this type of lights can be tiresome and challenging. So in order to help the installation process go faster, we present you with 5 helpful tips that can give you a charming and hassle-free end result!

# 1 Carefully plan where you’re going to be patching holes.

The most important part in recessed lighting installation is the careful planning of where to strategically cut holes on your ceiling. This will help prevent accidentally cutting holes that will not be used in the installation process. This might seem like a tedious task to do, but we promise that it’s a lot less tedious task than having to patch up a drywall.

# 2 Tightly measure the lights before cutting holes.

The thing about recessed lights is that they have a low diameter tolerance. This means that they’d probably fall off if you cut the hole even just a little bit too big. To prevent this from happening, make sure to get exact measurements before cutting any holes.

# 3 Cut all the holes at once.

As much as it’s tempting to finish cutting a hole and installing a light in one go, we advise you not to do so for it is a lot more energy-draining on your part. To save time and energy, cut all the holes initially and do the installation later on.

# 4 Properly position the cables before putting the lights in place.

Electrical cables can sometimes give you a hard time placing the light in the hole. They can either get in the way or change how the light has to be installed. So to help you avoid this type of dilemma, make sure to properly secure the cables first before fitting the lights in the holes.

# 5 Work on the ground as much as you can.

Having to work with your hands above your head the entire time is very straining. For this reason, we highly encourage that you finish as much as you can on the ground. In this way, you will only have to work with your hands above your head when cutting holes and installing the lights.