An electrical panel is your main electricity hub that distributes power throughout the house. It is installed right after all the electrical work is done in your home while in construction. Over time the wires connected to it can deteriorate or get damaged. Here are 5 signs you need an electrical panel upgrade.

If the house still uses fuse and not a circuit breaker.

Most old properties made use of fuse which is fine some decades ago. However, recent homes have been using circuit breakers since it is a lot safer and would normally just trip if it detects any wiring problems. Some fuses cause fire, hence most insurance companies don’t extend their services to properties who have not upgraded to circuit breakers.

Constant breaker tripping

Circuit breakers trip when there is a wiring problem. This is to prevent major accidents. But if your breaker trips more often, this is a sure sign that you have to upgrade your electrical panel. The electrician can also check where the problem is emanating as soon as they see which part of the circuit breaker is always in trouble.

Not enough outlets

If you use a lot of extension wires because you don’t have enough outlet in your house, this means you need to upgrade your electrical panel and have more outlets installed. The use of too much extension cord can pose a big fire risk, so you need to call an electrician to get an estimate of how it will cost.

Upgrading your home appliances

When we say upgrading this means adding heavy duty appliances such as air conditioning, refrigerator or hot water system. This means you need to have your electrical panel checked and upgraded to accommodate more power demand. Adding heavy-duty appliances may overload your power supply.

Evidence of electrical burnt out

If you experience flickering lights, smell burnt wires or notice discoloration marks on outlets, if you get a shock from switches; these are sure telltale signs that you are in danger. It is best to call an expert electrician and get an electrical panel upgrade.