There are home improvement projects that can be done by a handyman and there are certain areas which need professional work. As a responsible homeowner, you must be able to carefully assess whether a task requires a professional.

Many homeowners in Arizona install ceiling fans to keep their house interiors cool. No matter how easy you think it is, tasks like this should be done by professional electricians to ensure safety and avoid catastrophic failures to occur. However, if you still choose to do the ceiling fan installation yourself, here are five of the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Heading straight on the installation process without properly measuring the ceiling slopes

Proper location and placement of the fans should be carefully planned if you want good air circulation. In order to do this, you must measure the ceiling slope to allow each fan hang from the right height.

2. Failing to remove the old electric box prior the installation

Before installing the fan, you need to remove the old box.

Make sure shut off the main power as you remove it.

3. Forgetting to turn off the main power supply during the installation.

In order to successfully install a ceiling fan, you will have to connect its wires to your home’s wiring system. This can be extremely dangerous when you forget to turn off the main panel power supply.

4. Wiring the fan improperly

One of the most critical factors in the installation of ceiling fans is its proper wiring. You need to be knowledgeable and experienced enough to pull this off correctly.

5. Assembling the fan when it is already fixed onto the ceiling.

The fan needs to be properly assembled before hanging it.

To properly do this, you may want to refer to the fan’s assembly manual.

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