Children can be a handful for any parent and expecting a child is the first sign that you might want to prepare your electrical system for the newest member of the family. Safety is your number one concern when it comes to child proofing your system and not all the best fixes can be done as easy as changing the child’s diaper. So its best to start preparing before the baby is born to make sure that you’re ready for when the child is ready to enter your lives. 


Rewire Your System

Rewiring your system is the most expensive thing that a parent can do to child proof their electrical system but can be the most effective at keeping their fingers out of that electrical outlet. Moving sockets to out of reach areas comes to mind here. 


Another good way to rewire your system without having to move outlets is to install GFCIs or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. These handy little installations can be installed directly into your outlets to prevent deadly electric shocks. They work by shutting off the power when it detects that there is an irregular amount of power going to and from the socket. It does this in a fraction of a second so you can be sure that any accidental shocks won’t become serious.


Perform Regular Maintenance

As a good homeowner, maintaining your system should be regularly done even when you don’t have a kid running around the house. However, having a kid might mean you have to take extra steps to maintain your electrical system as any faulty wire or appliance could lead to dangerous accidents. Things to add to your child proofing checklist include appliances, electrical cords, wires and sockets.


Make sure that electrical appliances are working as they should and that their cords aren’t damaged or have exposed wires. Watch out for any appliances that seem to be overheating and have a tingly sensation whenever you use them. Its best to either replace this appliance or have a professional have a look as these appliances could end up causing accidents in the future. Keep electrical cords either out of reach or as short as possible and strap down any loose cords that could lead to tripping accidents. Keep electrical sockets out of reach by hiding them behind furniture or sealing them altogether with outlet plugs.


Buy Child Proofing Equipment

If you can’t afford rewiring your electrical system then buying a few child proofing tools can be a cheaper alternative. Outlet plugs cost no more than $10 and can easily be bought at your local hardware store and they keep your child from sticking a fork or key into the electrical sockets. Electrical cord shorteners can keep your cords short and prevent your child from tripping on a cord during play time.


Knowledge Is Power

If your kids are old enough, then teaching them the value of electrical safety isn’t such a terrible idea. Make them part of their own child proofing and make sure that they are aware of the dangers of electricity. Show them how to properly handle appliances, plugs, and sockets to make sure that they don’t mishandle them and electrocute themselves by accident.