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Many people in Tucson think of 24 hour emergency electrician service and think, “It must be expensive.” They think of doubled hourly rates and hefty added fees that are the stuff of urban legend and movies, like The Money Pit. Nothing could be further from the truth. We know that losing power in the middle of the night is awful. You’ll wind up uncomfortably warm while you’re trying to sleep, and you’re in for a tough morning when you can’t turn the coffee pot on. Don’t wait until the morning to call for help – we’ll fix the problem as soon as in arises.

How Much Extra is Night and Weekend Electrical Service?

JCP Electric only charges a fee of $150 that can be applied to the repair bill. This is the same priced repair bill as daytime service. You’re never going to pay more than you need to, and there’s no reason to take out a loan to cover your unexpected electrical repairs.

There’s no real need to go on a Tucson Staycation (unless you just want to). Tucson property owners can rest assured they are getting a master electrician 24/7 without being gouged on price. We understand – we wouldn’t want to go for a night, or worse, a whole weekend, without electricity. We’re not going to take advantage of you in your time of need. We’re simply going to do our jobs. Feel confident that JCP Electric will work day and night to alleviate emergency electrical problems without an increase in price from our highly competitive daytime rates.

When Should Someone Call For Emergency Service?

If there is sparking or a burning smell from an electrical outlet, turn off that breaker first. Your immediate action can help prevent a dangerous and hard to control electrical fire. If someone is unable to or is uncomfortable doing so, please call 911 for fire emergency services to assess the situation. If there are already flames, grab your family and pets and wait outside.

If something important was connected to that breaker, like your refrigerator or home alarm system, you might not want to wait until morning to schedule an appointment with a regular electrician. You might wind up with spoiled milk, melted ice cream, and thawed meat before someone gets to you. After shutting off the breaker and being reasonably sure there is no fire danger, call a 24/7 emergency electrician.

If all the power in your home is out, take a look outside. See if your neighbors have power, and then call the electric company to see if there are any reported outages impacting your area. If the issue is widespread and the power company needs to address it, an emergency electrician won’t be able to help. If there are no other outages and you’re the only one in the dark, that’s a sign that you should call a 24/7 emergency electrician.

If all your breakers are constantly tripping randomly or if a breaker that runs something critical continues to trip, that would be another reason to call a 24/7 emergency electrician. A constantly flipping a breaker is a sign of a larger issue – it usually means that the home is improperly wired or that the fuse box is damaged or inadequate. Continuing to fight with it will just cause a larger issue later on. The problem will worsen the longer it goes unaddressed.

How Can I Avoid Emergency Electrician Charges?

Not all problems can be solved with emergency service. No one can possibly carry every single part in existence, but JCP Electric will do our absolute best to get your electricity running up and running safely. We prepare our electricians with all the right tools to handle most common electrical emergencies. We can’t guarantee that your emergency won’t be far from the beaten path or require extensive attention, but the majority of our customers find that their issue is resolved before the night is over.

We also have no control over Tucson Electric Power or any other municipality or cooperative’s lines. We can’t repair them or even touch them. Always check with TEP or your local electrical company first to make sure there is not an outage in your area or a reason for service interruption.

Another way to avoid being charged is if your problem can wait until daylight. We are glad to come by and offer you a free estimate at our earliest possible scheduled time. Our emergency services are competitively priced and readily available, so you don’t need to wait until morning if you don’t want to. We always have highly qualified and experienced electricians ready to go.

In the Dark and Need Some Help?

Contact JCP Electric at 520-808-3108 right now, and one of our master electricians will be dispatched to your home. We’ll fix the problem, keep your family comfortable, preserve your melting groceries, and prevent a potential electrical fire. We know an emergency can happen at any time – that’s why we’re always open.

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