Jul 13

How to Know When to Upgrade Outlets

Homeowners likely overlook electrical outlets as part of the electrical system of their
property. Without proper upkeep, aside from affecting the aesthetic appeal of your
home, these outlets also pose some serious risks.

Keep reading to gain insights on the problems that could arise if outlets are not properly
maintained. This post will also make you aware of the signs that your outlets need

Why are old outlets a problem?

  •  Your outlets need to be regularly checked because wires beneath them might be
    worn out after a couple of years.
  • Newer appliances may need new outlets. If outlets are not able to provide
    enough electricity for your appliances or they are ungrounded, your home is
    definitely at risk.

What are the signs or problems to watch out for?

  • Two-pronged outlets

These outlets should be upgraded as soon as possible. Two-pronged outlets do
not have grounding making the appliances and your home unsafe.

  •  Flickering lights

If you have lights plugged in an outlet that are flickering, the chances are that the
outlet is unable to keep up with the electrical demand. Inspection should be done

  • Loose outlet slots

Are plugs falling out of the slots of your outlet? This is an obvious indication that
the contacts inside the outlet are already worn out. This may look as a minor
issue for many but this may cause electrical arcing that may lead to house fires.Next time you see a plug falling out, you should consider a replacement right

  •  Damaged outlet covers

Outlet covers are not just there for aesthetic purposes. These are used primarily
as the outlet’s shield from dust and debris. Although replacing the cover is good,
checking the outlet for any damage is highly recommended.

  •  Outlets spark or get too hot

If you notice your outlets are getting hot or sparking, you should urgently replace
or upgrade them. You don’t know when it would turn into fire.

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